Strengthen your mind with RiddleQuest.

Embark on a brain-boosting adventure with RiddleQuest. Tackle a new riddle designed to challenge your intellect and enhance your problem-solving skills.

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Daily Riddle Screen - RiddleQuest Game

Complete the Riddle Of The Day

Challenge yourself with fresh riddles every day to keep your mind sharp and engaged.

Daily Streaks

Track your progress after completing the riddle of the day and challenge yourself with the newly added streaks feature.

Sleek UI

Enjoy a more visually appealing experience with enhanced user interface improvements.

Push Notification Riddle Reminders

Receive daily reminders so you never miss a chance to tackle the next riddle of the day.

Users Love Us

Great app to keep the mind engaged. I do this on my free time, it's fun and highly recommend.

Man I love these type of games 5/5

Finally a simple riddle game to go through and functions well.


Im gonna be real with you guys this game is fun and challenging

Daily Riddle

Enjoy a daily riddle

Daily Riddle Screen - RiddleQuest Game

Story Mode

Play easy, medium, and hard riddles

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Coin Shop

Buy in app goodies

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Choose your own avatar

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Boost your brain

365 Days of Riddles

Download RiddleQuest today and embark on a journey of boundless brain-twisting enjoyment. Elevate your cognitive abilities with the ultimate experience, where daily riddles not only entertain but also strengthen your mind. Join the ranks of puzzle enthusiasts and embark on a quest that boosts your mental agility, promotes educational brain exercise, provides cognitive benefits, and delivers a plethora of reasons to make RiddleQuest your daily companion.

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What is RiddleQuest?

RiddleQuest is a mobile application designed to strengthen your mind and problem solving skills by allowing you to solve daily riddles

Why choose RiddleQuest?

  1. Mental Stimulation: Elevate your cognitive abilities with daily brain workouts that challenge your intellect and promote mental sharpness.
  2. Entertainment on the Go: Turn every idle moment into an opportunity for fun and mental growth with quick and engaging brain teasers.
  3. Community Interaction: Join a vibrant community of fellow enthusiasts, where sharing insights and competing for top spots enhances the experience.
  4. Mindful Relaxation: Unwind while keeping your mind active—a perfect blend of relaxation and intellectual engagement.
  5. Achievement and Progress: Enjoy a sense of accomplishment with each solved puzzle and witness your cognitive skills improving over time.
  6. Customizable Experience: Personalize your journey, from avatars to themes, and make the brain-teasing adventure uniquely yours.
  7. 365 Days of Exploration: Commit to a year of cognitive growth with fresh riddles every day, fostering a lasting habit of mental exercise.

What features does RiddleQuest offer?

  1. Daily Brain Teasers: Get ready to exercise your intellect with a fresh brain teaser daily! Our handpicked riddles span a range of categories, from logical puzzles to wordplay enigmas. Expand your mental prowess, enhance your vocabulary, and have a blast while you’re at it!
  2. Diverse Challenges: Explore a world of challenges encompassing logic, math, lateral thinking, and more. With varying difficulty levels, RiddleQuest caters to both casual solvers and dedicated brain teaser enthusiasts.
  3. Heart-Based Challenge: Begin with five hearts to tackle the challenges. Lose a heart for each wrong guess, but don’t fret—a new heart regenerates every 3 hours. Stay sharp, persevere, and keep the brain teaser adventure alive, nurturing resilience and determination.
  4. Engaging Puzzle Community: Join an active community of fellow brain teaser enthusiasts! Share insights, and compete for top spots on the leaderboard. Challenge friends or make new ones in friendly puzzle showdowns, fostering camaraderie and social interaction.
  5. 365 Days of Riddles: With a fresh brain teaser awaiting you each day, RiddleQuest guarantees a year-round puzzle challenge that keeps you on your toes. Cultivate a daily brain-teasing habit and unlock the treasure trove of your mind, enhancing your critical thinking abilities.